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Certain lifestyle changes can help you maintain a healthy immune system and protect you from all the major ills in the modern world, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. There is also growing evidence that these changes in lifestyle can help cure these conditions.


Learn to select the variety and how to consume what diet meal plan suits your health. Here are some easy examples to apply in your diet plans.


Potatoes, sliced, not crushed


According to the Dubai biochemist, the way food is cooked could alter the amount of sugar that is released into the blood. This principle applies especially to potatoes which, the health co says, increase their amount of sugar when they are boiled and ground. For this reason, Thehealthco advises that potatoes should be eaten cooked and cut and that the least convenient way to the organism is a puree.


Apparently, the same thing happens with other foods, such as apples. Ensure that it is better to eat them whole than to macerate them.


Green bananas


Like whole grains, vegetables and fiber, green bananas are rich in starch resistant, meaning they are not digested in the body.


"Starchy starch is a carbohydrate whose chemical composition does not cause blood sugar levels to rise. So it's not a risk for diabetes, and it also does not trigger sugar cravings after you eat it.


Some fat is needed


When the person undergoes very low fat regimes, thinking that is the best for their health, the opposite happens. To be satisfied, people eat more carbohydrates, especially refined ones like rice, pasta, and bread.

"Fat is better to make us feel satisfied and longer." It adds that fat in food helps release hormones that promote their metabolism, even several hours after eating.


Olive oil for salads


Olive oil is the main source of fats from the famous diet food and an example of healthy food. The best way to take advantage of this food is in salads. According to the biochemist, when oils are overheated they transform their properties and, among others, release peroxides that are believed to increase the risk of cancer or heart disease when consumed. Olive oil, particularly extra virgin, is best used as a dressing for salads and not in the kitchen.


Beware of fruit juices


The problem with these drinks is their high levels of fructose. When it is consumed in amounts, it deceives the mechanism that has the body to control the amount of sugar in the blood.


As a result, fatty substances can accumulate in the liver, causing it to grow and be inefficient, which ultimately leads to obesity and type 2 diabetes.


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